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Since 2016, our current Lyman Town Council (Mayor Larry Chappell, Glenn Greer for Lyman Mayor, Hoyt Dottry , Alton Free, Rick Hellams, and Rebecca Martin) have submitted AND approved an unbalanced budget. Single handedly allowing the potential of our Town becoming bankrupt and ignoring the council of others to do so.  As per the Municipality Association of South Carolina (MASC.SC) the procedure for creating, submitting, and approving a balanced budget is clear.  “All municipalities, regardless of size, must adopt by ordinance a balanced annual budget. Revenues must equal expenditures.” source: (https://www.masc.sc/Pages/newsroom/uptown/March-2016/Annual_budget_preparation.aspx)

As well since 2017 there are many “material weaknesses” that the auditor found to include:

  • Misrepresentation of capital Assets. 
  • Segregation of Duties
  • misuse of Victims Assistance fund
  • Misreporting sales of capital assets. 
  • a former clerk embezzling $28K to pay for her son’s wedding. (read Article from Fox Carolina)

In this video Marc Garcia shares clear evidence from the financial records acquired and reviewed. Explaining for everyone to understand Marc delves into the problems he intends to resolve when elected. 

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