Integrity (a Closer Look)

Integrity (a Closer Look)

What is it really?

Integrity is our ability as humans to fulfill our word and essentially become a person who is bound to their words. Back in the day, a contract could be drawn up with the shaking of a hand, or in some cultures a pulling off of a mustache hair as a sign of agreement. In Native Indian culture it is believed that blood oaths were made. 

Today, there is nobody cutting themselves, or pulling a mustache hair – instead we have pages and pages of Terms and Conditions with a myriad of terms that most do not understand. 

Yet whether it be blood or paper – it is still as good as the character of the person who signs it or makes the commitment. 

…but perfection?

This is not too different for local government. Anyone running for local office or state office should be known for their integrity, and character. 

The misnomer is that integrity is perfection and it is not. Integrity holds you accountable to your word. Which means if you cannot fulfill it then – your character of transparency and integrity takes responsibility and rectifies the situation. 

I have a foster daughter, who is learning about communication and conflict. I told her – My yes will always be YES and my no will always be NO. You can count on that consistency, because if I say yes  to an ice cream you have every right to be upset if I come back and say no later. Yet in the same respect, if I say No to watching something on TV, then the no has to be respected and valued as well. 

The Currency of Leadership

Leadership in its basic form is influence. Influence is only has influential as the character of the person. The character is tied to the level of integrity that person had. Be it in business, home, or in local government. 

When a clerk is able to embezzel $28K during your watch – then things have to change. Are you directly to blame – NO! But you do have a part as the one overseeing the issue. (source: WYFF News)

When the accounting firm notifies you of an issue during an audit one year and then the next year you do the exact same thing in error, then change has to happen. (Source: Lyman Financial Reports – extracted excerpt here)

When you have shared duties in department head levels in local government there creates a synergy for potential indiscretion. The clerk should never be the assistant to the Administrator. This in standard is a conflict of interest. Look here LymanSC.GOV, lastly 4 yrs consistent issue with this

There are all integrity issues that have to be resolved and all have happened in the current town council between 2017 to present. 

While in the military I had the honor of leading people. As a leader I never passed the blame to someone else when they did something wrong that I had control over. I took the hit! why? because integrity, and transparency has shown me that I do share fault in the situation. It was under my “watch”. 

Leadership has a currency or a value – and that is integrity. When there are indicators of lack of integrity – then the value of that leadership should be questioned, changes made and reparations put in place. As your mayor I believe these ongoing issue must be addressed

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