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Oct 30 and 31
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 1. Put a Sign on your Yard: please make sure you are able to do this –  some HOA rules do not allow this. Also remember it is ILLEGAL to tamper of remove a political sign that is lawfully placed. (SECTION 7-25-210

 2. Volunteer: As the elections get closer we will need some help to distribute information. No worries political campaigning is not soliciting it is canvassing. Our tentative volunteer days are Oct 30 and 31 – you can choose which day you want of both. Use the form. 

 3. Share an image on your Social Media Platform. The simplest and no cost way for anyone except for a few clicks is to click the button and choose from the posts on the page to share. 

 4. Monetary Donation: We abide by the election fundraising rules and we can only receive a total of $1000 from outside sources. Donations above the SC Election Board limits will be donated to a non-profit at the discretion of the Campaign. Use the links to the right (or below on mobile).

You cannot copy content of this page.if you are news media looking to cover the campaignyou can email us to gain access.