Government Structure

Government Structure

If you have served in the military its called the UCMJ. If you worked in corporate America its called the Employee Handbook. If you are self employed, its called your moral standard. 

Whatever you call it – it still is structure. A set standard with limits to assure that what “it” involves is done in decency and in order. 

Lyman Elections

If you watched the video (Lyman Government and Elections) I do not want to sound repetitive. I do however want to elaborate some more on what was shared. 

Usually elections for Lyman were in June. This of course did not lend to getting voter turnout in place and this is why the current electeds are able to be in office with so little votes. 

If you have not read my other blog post “Boy have we Grown“, I would highly suggest you review it. – No not to get more people to read but so you can understand how THIS election is going to be VERY different. In summary as per the 2020 census the population of Lyman was estimated to be 3,718 but it actually 6,173

Let’s look at some past elections numbers:

special election in April 2021 – total votes 182 and 4 candidates – winning candidate won with 101 votes (21 more than another candidate). source

special election in October 2017 – total of 75 votes and 3 candidates – winning candidate won with 37 votes . source

special election Jun 2017 – Mayoral – total votes 235 and 2 candidates – winning candidate won with 128 votes (2700 registered voters). Mayor was installed with 4.7% of registered voters voting.  source

Lyman residents have 2 primary precincts and mix in others. These precincts are Lyman Elementary School and Lyman Town Hall. A precinct is the location you go to vote. Currently as per the state election office there is 6258 registered voters in these two precincts. (note this may change in October when the numbers are refreshed) Yes that is more than the census population says, however that can indicate two things:
1. There are residents from another town that use the precinct. 
2. There is a need for restructuring for elections. 

Worst Case Scenario

The worst case scenario in this is that history repeats itself and nobody shows to vote in a mid-term election. Which would result in the average of 2-4% of registered voters voting. This would mean that out of the 6258 registered voters between 125 – 250 votes will determine 3 seats in Lyman council AND the mayor for the next 4 years. (remember the council is made of 7) The result will be that a new or old majority will be deciding things that will affect your daily life here in Lyman for the next 4-12 years. 

I say 12 years because legislation or in this case ordinances that are put in place would usually need 2 terms to be changed or reversed. There is SOME (not a lot) validity in the new people blaming the previous elected persons. 

I share all of this so that regardless if you vote Marc Garcia for Mayor or not – lets get the best turnout this election ever seen. Let’s together as a community wield our sword of power in the vote Nov. 2 and truly vote for something that WILL make a difference in our daily life. Many people say, “why vote it does not make a difference”, of which I do not fully agree with but understand when it comes to national elections – but THIS November your vote can make a HUGE difference in our town. The town we live, work and play in. 

If you have not registered or need to know where you go to vote here is a button JUST FOR YOU!

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