Marc Garcia
Blanca and I have lived in the Upstate since 2013
Proud Veteran (My brother, Michael and I)
Highschool football
Christmas is my favorite holiday! (The Christmas House in Inman)
My son Ricky and I around 2001 in NY
We enjoy visiting local state parks
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It is my honor to run for Mayor of Lyman, SC. Below I will answer questions that may be better to be answered in a narrative versus a video. Please be sure to check for your question to be answered. 

“Raised by Puerto Rican parents, I learned the importance of our culture. Key components of our culture are celebrations, music and family. We enjoy cooking and serving others. Sharing time over a meal at our table is a sacred thing. If you ever get to eat at the Garcia’s we would consider you a special guest and an honor for us.”

Geo History

“Born and raised in New York, relocated to Cary, NC in 2005, then moved to South Carolina in 2013. In SC we have lived in Boiling Springs, Greer and Taylors, until planting roots in 2017 in our wonderful town – Lyman.”

– Marc Garcia

“My tenure in the US Navy was a total of 8 years. Four years active duty and four years inactive during the Desert Storm, Desert Shield Era (1989-1997). In fact we were part of the “battle group” that kicked things off as our ship (USS Peterson DD-969) launched Tomahawk Missiles from the Red Sea to targets of interest.” 
“In those 4 years I reached the rank of E-5 but did not get to wear it as I left active duty prior to that. “
“My Job was in what we called CIC – as an operations specialist. We stared at radars for hours. “

-Marc Garcia

“After pastoring in different states and earning my Doctorate, my wife and I have always felt a call to help families succeed. To succeed in marriage, family, leadership and ministry. We saw many times how ministers are/were ill equipped for ministry and what suffered first was their family.”
“We began our TV program as “Home Team” some 16 years ago and we recorded from our North Carolina living room. We have continued to record until the present under the name “Dominion Today” as we share key principles to help families succeed in all areas of life.”
You can watch primarily on our ministry website: www.BeTheBridgesc.org.

-Marc Garcia

Simple answer: what I do for work. I enjoy my business and being an entrepreneur.

Being involved in video production I have always enjoyed watching great movies and documentaries. I’m a huge Avengers and Marvel fan and love Christmas movies.

Moving down the soul train line on my 50th birthday (an 80’s themed party)

I have learned in my 50 years to enjoy life. Not everything can be taken seriously, however the things that should – I take very serious.

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